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Head Pose and Eye Gaze Estimation

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This is a component that, among other metrics (head pose, eye  gaze), extracts facial feature coordinates. Specifically, 19 Feature Points are detected on face videos and their positions are returned for every frame. The module outputs the so called "Head Pose vector", which gives estimates of Head Pose directionality (Roll, Pitch, Yaw). Eye Gaze Estimation outputs the so called "Eye Gaze vector", which gives estimates of eye gaze directionality.

These parameters can be reachedusing the Osc Protocol and are stored in a .txt file. pls read the readme file form more details.

 In case tracking is not very efficient, the algorithm restarts  automatically. you can also, hwever, do this manually by activating the  output window and pressing any key.

  • Platform / Programming Language : Windows, C
  • Specific hw/sw requirements :Non-intrusive method, requiring a web camera
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