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D.6.3 – User-experience evaluation studies in UK and Portugal

The main objective of this evaluation study was to investigate whether playing My Dream Theatre and Village Voices improved children’s conflict resolution skills. The evaluation study comprised 6 sessions: a pre-test, 4 game play sessions and a post-test.  The children were split into two groups: a game playing group, who played the video games and a control group who only took the pre and post-test. A pre- and post-test were administered during the study. In total, 5 scales were administered, all of which were self-report. For the pre-test, the questionnaire contained the following measures: Video game use, Aggression Victimisation Scale, Real Life Conflict Scenario Vignettes, Game-specific Conflict Scenario Vignettes, while the post-test also included an intrinsic motivation index to measure how intrinsically motivating the students rated each game. The findings showed that the children found both games interesting and motivating to play. The analysis of children’s conflicts when they played Village Voices revealed that children over time children were more likely to use more positive conflict resolution strategies. Also, three out of five of the groups developed their own rules for dealing with conflicts.

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