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D.4.5 – Conflict and affect ontology

This deliverable presents an ontology that provides the appropriate educational tools for a player of a serious game about conflict handling. The importance of this ontology lies in the fact that it promotes natural interaction (non-invasive methods) and at the same time makes the game as player-specific as it can be for its educational goal. It is an ontology that can be adapted to different educational theories and serve various educational purposes.
In this ontology the Facial Expressiveness of a player at the moment of a game event leading to conflict as well as their Facial Expressive Response Amplification is used to determine the Intensity of the Emotional Stimulus. Once this is accomplished, the Player’s Conflict Handling Model is taken into consideration in order to present the appropriate educational tool aiming to guide them towards an integrating way of dealing with conflicts in a social environment.
D.4.5 – Conflict and affect ontology532.81 KB