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D3.1 - Individual and group player models

This deliverable reports the results of the user modelling and the group modelling research that determines the user model parameters and technical mechanisms to update the model. This work builds on literature reviews in multiple research areas and our own deliverables 2.1 and 2.2 on user requirements and game design, respectively. The user model proposed contains multiple sub-components including a cognitive, an affective, and a cultural model. As concluded in Deliverable 2.2 (user requirements in Greece and Portugal) considerable cultural differences in conflict dynamics were not found yet. Therefore, we decided to include cultural affiliation as an aspect of the cognitive model at the current phase. However, we will keep making our effort to see if culture influences students’ conflict situations through the gameplay data analysis during the third year of the Siren project. The data-driven group model will also be further specified and refined as we collect actual gameplay data from students.

D3.1 - Individual and group player models (M18)2.19 MB