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D2.1 - User Requirements – UK

This deliverable summarises the results of the user requirements research carried out in Bath during the first year of the SIREN project. Social scientific literature on conflict resolution, particularly relating to children, is reviewed in order to work out how best to define and classify instances of conflict, and to identify the educational requirements for the SIREN game. Results of three types of user research are discussed: interviews with teachers and other educational staff; ethnographic observation of children’s conflicts; and interviews with children about conflicts that they have experienced or observed. Based on these lines of research, three sets of recommendations are derived for the design, use and evaluation of the game. High-level requirements include having the flexibility to cope with widely varying themes and settings for children’s conflicts; identifying and modelling when conflict episodes become emotionally charged for children; enabling children to stand back and see a conflict from someone else’s perspective; and encouraging children to think about long-term as well as short-term payoffs.

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