IQ Option cryptocurrency tournament: a unique opportunity. Get the chance to win € 20,000

Do not miss the appointment on February 1st 2017 with the famous broker platform

The IQ Option broker has been on the online trading market for few years now, yet it managed to achieve a good position and to keep it today. The competitiveness of the services offered is almost unbelievable, starting from a completely free demo account without an initial deposit or a real account with a deposit of only 10,00 €. In addition, there are quite many monthly gain-opportunities, such as trading tournaments with exclusive jackpots.

The participation in the tournament the 1st of February (others tournamenrs are expected during the same month, you can check the list in the dedicated section of the broker for any further information) requires the payment of a minimum participation fee. It is reserved to IQ Option members and to those who decide to open a real account with a minimum deposit of 10 euros. After registering with the broker, you must then log in to the official page here of the trading tournaments from the IQ Option homepage and select the desired tournament.

What now?

Once registered in the tournament you have at your disposal a virtual deposit of € 100 or € 1000 virtual euros.
Virtual: you can challenge other traders, without losing your real money.
(Remember that in order to actually participate in tournaments and withdraw money, you must be registered with a real trading account).

The duration of the tournament is 60 minutes.

Once you have chosen to participate, see that IQ Option draws a ranking of all the participants who have registered for the tournament.
Together with the list of participants, the subdivision of the prizes is also drawn up. You should also notice that in this case the tournament requires a payment, so the prize could be increased: this happens if the amount of the payments exceeds €100.
Throughout the tournament phase, your real account will change to the tournament one. In this case you will be credited € 1000.

What happens if you loose all of your credit?

Do not worry, you can make additional purchases of extra credit. This is possible only if there are less than €1000 on your tournament account deposit. Expecially during the first phase (30 minutes), but also during the whole duration of the tournament, you have to increase your balance as much as possible, considering that the number of trades and transactions that can be carried out are not limited.
Only at the end of the tournament the final classification will be drawn up with the results and the prize will be divided between the first 9 positions. Finally, remember that all the prize money provided during the tournament is paid in cash and can be withdrawn or even kept in a security deposit, and then used to participate to higher level tournaments.

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