5 key rules for an IQ Option tournament

We precise right away that in order to get the maximum revenue from tournaments you must be able to participate with a real IQ Option account. You must also make a first deposit of € 10, or the minimum required to open the account.
IQ Option tournaments are exclusive promotions that, thanks to the opening of a real account, offer you the chance to gain prizes that could never be reached in any other way.

General information about the tournament

IQ Option offers, over the course of 30 days, different monthly tournaments, with rich prizes that vary from month to month.

Based on a regular hourly cadence, the broker updates the ranking list with the best 30 traders, also reporting the money that they managed to obtain until that moment.
You can participate and invest in trading tournaments for a maximum investment of €5,000. Eventually, you can also choose to participate to different tournaments, depending on your favorite assets.

Prizes and winners
The winner is the one with the highest balance at the end of the tournament. In some cases, based on the provisions of the regulation, there may also be several winners.

The number of participants is not limited.
To participate you must register for the tournament by paying a “fee”, which usually is between € 1 and € 20, but sometimes it is free.

Tournaments generally lasts from one day to one month.

We have seen that victory is so much coveted by all the participants. Is there an IQ Option strategy that allows you to get it?

The answer is no, there is no a single and winning strategy. However, we can certainly say that it is not difficult to rise in the ranking of these tournaments.
The problem is instead to maintain the position reached, if not even to improve what has been achieved.
Here are some key points that we have personally experienced:

Keep control and do not get carried away
Once you have reached a good position, we advise you to slow down and analyse what others are doing. Exxagerating is never the solution: too many investments can lower your position in the rankings.

Manage fear and stress
Do not risk panicking when you see your investment in difficulty. Not knowing how to handle losses is a very serious factor, as they will certainly occur sometimes! Losing is part of the game and it is not (necessarily) a bad signal.

The wise man knows nothing, the intelligent knows little, the fool knows everything
Do not trust those who claim to have predicted the market trend. Do not copy other people’s strategies if you do not understand them.

Strategy and money management. Discipline!

No emotions : a must in iq option trading tournament !

Plan a precise strategy and method. The winning methods are those based on a limited number of simple but strict rules to follow. Discipline and routine allow you to gain, disorder and improvisation bring disasters.

Know how to wait, hurry is a mistake
Can’t see any results? Be patient. Someone said that the trader must have the patience of the wolf who, hidden among the vegetation on the hill, remains motionless for days to observe the flock.
Jimping into the middle of the games is a beginner’s mistake.

Good luck for your tournament!

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