My opinion about trading tournaments

I had so many occasions to take part in trading competitions and betting tournaments, but I have been thinking just lately about the real value of this opportunities. The first one was an online trading tournaments, held on a famous platform with tons and tons of expert traders. If I was intimidated by them? Of course, I felt useless for being too young and ignorant, for not having enough knowledge about trading world and its mechanisms. But the thing I have to be grateful to is the advice of a very close friend of mine, who was inexperienced just like me at that time but he pushed me to try. <<what do you have to lose? >> so much money, but thanks. <<you will never know if you don’t try it out, you may actually win this, everyone is at the same level>>. This were the words that resonated in me and gradually convinced me. 

Even if it’s everything just a joke to you, do it

So, thanks to my friend’s inspiring words, I decided to take part and to risk quite some money, praying the blind goddess to support me and being on my side. I think it was that first time, when I felt so insecure standing on the chart with other experienced traders I admired so much, that I understood the real value of trading tournaments. 

Their equality, the sense that everyone, from the senior trader to the beginner that doesn’t understand even the tournament regulament, can be so lucky to win first price. The sense of joy you may feel when seeing your name on the top of the list of participants, the tension when you have to make the trading choices that, you know, will determine everything you will win or lose.


I find it so exciting, and so educative. Where you can learn the way of the trading world best than in tournaments? You will understand at a first glance that is a cruel world the one you’re about to enter, and looking back you’ll have even a chance to change idea and it will be over. You have total freedom, everything that you decide determines what will you be in the future, and even in about an hour. 

And the most surprising point is that, from that first shy tournament, I learnt so much just by going on with more and more competitions. So to make it simple here is a list of the reasons why I would totally recommend trading tournaments even to beginners:

• You can learn trading basis as you go on taking part in tournaments

• Total freedom in the money you decide to stand, the options you choose and so much more

• Excitement that helps you build control of your emotions

• Opportunity to make a living doing what you are passionate about

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