The Way Options Are Traded is Changing: IQ Option Launches a New Trading App

 Are you a fan of binary options trading? If so, this is the right article for you! You are probably well informed of the tons of app that offer this option, but you must know by now that are not so effective either. They sure need some revolution, and IQ option has foreseen this need. As a result, the IQ option team has developed a new tool called Digital Options that opens new sets of opportunities to its traders. The concept of trading itself is been taken to another level here, with flexible instruments which makes binary options trading smoother than ever.

Digital Options. New Product from IQ Option (Official group) on Vimeo.


Digital Options: New Features Sets for an Easy Trading

Digital Options strong point surely is its flexibility: with tons of testing sessions the developers of this new app considered all the possible opportunities and wishes of the traders and managed to create a better trading method to make their customers feel at ease.

The fixed profitability of each transactions is gone in the new app, and IQ option decided to remove some of the past waiting time for particular operations. Some other new features are: 

  • Advanced trading options for any asset
  • Various profit level settings and independent risk
  • Extra features for more trading flexibility

Digital Options is already becoming 5 to 6 times more profitable than standard binary options devices. The maximum loss amount remains the same though: in case of unsuccessful trade, the amount invested in the option will be lost. The strike-price here can also be moved up and down, so every user can buy digital options in real time even if the price is going down! Summing these new features, we can say that Digital Options has successfully created a new way of trading and allows users to select the preferred ratio of risk and profit to a further personalization of any operation.

And if You Don’t Know How to Use it, don’t Worry…

Here in this new app are flowing tons of beginner too, but some experts may not know well how to use it too. Simply explaining, there are five main lines that will appear on the screen with every order. These lines are called “strike”, a level the asset uses within its expiration period.

Every level has its own advantages and disadvantages, and it is up to the trader to choose the best data for his investments. But basically, all you need to do to trade digital options is to decide which asset you want to use and which command you intend to sell, stating if you want to buy or sell the option. This new trading method is a wanted revolution among binary options trading, and with Digital Options everyone will be advantaged by managing the estimate risks at first sight and will have a better understanding of their investments.


We can say without doubts that Digital Options by IQ Options is a revolutionary app that will make a better trading experience for today’s traders changing the game in the financial market, taking binary options to the next, innovative level. Surely you could have some problem starting to use the app, but don’t worry as there will be a 24/7 support team that will be happy to answer all your questions in 14 languages, and a base of 15 million traders and investors who are always ready to trade and make the platform grow stronger and successful. The app has been launched just lately, but it has already won a lot of rewards and certifications of excellence, such as the ‘Best Mobile Platform’ and the ‘Best Platform for Binary Options’ awards.

Finally, a tiny advice: the financial services provided by IQ Option carry a very high level of risk so chose wisely how much you want to invest as you may lose all your funds.

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