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Etoro: Trading tournaments & Social trading

Possibility of high prizes even for newcomers.

With such an introduction, probably you have already understood that social trading is above all a great opportunity for less experienced traders. They can start right away, and without much knowledge, to earn with online trading. Even newcomers can easily learn winning techniques and trading strategies. Social trading can be applied to both the currency market and other markets, and represents a feature offered by an increasing number of brokers (although only few the best!).

Need a freshening of the meaning of social trading?
Social trading was proposed for the first time by eToro. That immediately contributed to revolutionize the way markets operate: it has transformed the common trading platforms into real financial social networks. It created a social platform for traders that brings unique advantages: you can operate independently with the usual approach while having the opportunity to share thoughts, reflections, analysis and observations with the trading community.
Therefore the distinctive element is represented by the social aspect. Here, as in any social network platform, you can search and follow users of the community that you think may have more affinity with you, interact with them by sharing information and exchanging messages, check the results you and others have obtained, and so on. All this is allowed also by an interface that has the typical quality and interactivity of eToro, a broker that has no rivals in ease of use.
Once you have become sufficiently familiar with the social community, you can take a step further, identify the best traders and you can copy them through the “Copy trader” feature. It will allow you to replicate on your wallet the operations that they have done. In other words, once the copy trading functionalities have been set up, each time the following trader will do an operation, the same will be proportionally replicated on your account, with the same characteristics. So, if you identify the best traders, you will be able to earn without doing anything but telling the broker to copy them! Easy, isn’t it?

With eToro’s CopyTrader social trading you will be able to copy up to 20 traders investing a maximum of 40 percent of your portfolio. The minimum investment is 100 euros, and the minimum capital per single trade is 1 euro. You can also set personalized limits on the maximum amount to invest, in order to have everything always under control.

What does this have to do with tournaments?

eToro offers weekly trading competitions with practice accounts or demos. In these eToro tournaments with nice reviews you can compete for big prizes: you win by earning as much money as possible. The more earnings you accumulate, the more money you will win with the prizes offered.

That’s the innovation: you can make tournaments directly in the social platform, all while observing the movements of other traders, analyzing user trends and asking, in real time, consultations and opinions. An innovation in the trading world that is unprecedented.


IQ Option cryptocurrency tournament: a unique opportunity. Get the chance to win € 20,000

Do not miss the appointment on February 1st 2017 with the famous broker platform

The IQ Option broker has been on the online trading market for few years now, yet it managed to achieve a good position and to keep it today. The competitiveness of the services offered is almost unbelievable, starting from a completely free demo account without an initial deposit or a real account with a deposit of only 10,00 €. In addition, there are quite many monthly gain-opportunities, such as trading tournaments with exclusive jackpots.

The participation in the tournament the 1st of February (others tournamenrs are expected during the same month, you can check the list in the dedicated section of the broker for any further information) requires the payment of a minimum participation fee. It is reserved to IQ Option members and to those who decide to open a real account with a minimum deposit of 10 euros. After registering with the broker, you must then log in to the official page here of the trading tournaments from the IQ Option homepage and select the desired tournament.

What now?

Once registered in the tournament you have at your disposal a virtual deposit of € 100 or € 1000 virtual euros.
Virtual: you can challenge other traders, without losing your real money.
(Remember that in order to actually participate in tournaments and withdraw money, you must be registered with a real trading account).

The duration of the tournament is 60 minutes.

Once you have chosen to participate, see that IQ Option draws a ranking of all the participants who have registered for the tournament.
Together with the list of participants, the subdivision of the prizes is also drawn up. You should also notice that in this case the tournament requires a payment, so the prize could be increased: this happens if the amount of the payments exceeds €100.
Throughout the tournament phase, your real account will change to the tournament one. In this case you will be credited € 1000.

What happens if you loose all of your credit?

Do not worry, you can make additional purchases of extra credit. This is possible only if there are less than €1000 on your tournament account deposit. Expecially during the first phase (30 minutes), but also during the whole duration of the tournament, you have to increase your balance as much as possible, considering that the number of trades and transactions that can be carried out are not limited.
Only at the end of the tournament the final classification will be drawn up with the results and the prize will be divided between the first 9 positions. Finally, remember that all the prize money provided during the tournament is paid in cash and can be withdrawn or even kept in a security deposit, and then used to participate to higher level tournaments.

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5 key rules for an IQ Option tournament

We precise right away that in order to get the maximum revenue from tournaments you must be able to participate with a real IQ Option account. You must also make a first deposit of € 10, or the minimum required to open the account.
IQ Option tournaments are exclusive promotions that, thanks to the opening of a real account, offer you the chance to gain prizes that could never be reached in any other way.

General information about the tournament

IQ Option offers, over the course of 30 days, different monthly tournaments, with rich prizes that vary from month to month.

Based on a regular hourly cadence, the broker updates the ranking list with the best 30 traders, also reporting the money that they managed to obtain until that moment.
You can participate and invest in trading tournaments for a maximum investment of €5,000. Eventually, you can also choose to participate to different tournaments, depending on your favorite assets.

Prizes and winners
The winner is the one with the highest balance at the end of the tournament. In some cases, based on the provisions of the regulation, there may also be several winners.

The number of participants is not limited.
To participate you must register for the tournament by paying a “fee”, which usually is between € 1 and € 20, but sometimes it is free.

Tournaments generally lasts from one day to one month.

We have seen that victory is so much coveted by all the participants. Is there an IQ Option strategy that allows you to get it?

The answer is no, there is no a single and winning strategy. However, we can certainly say that it is not difficult to rise in the ranking of these tournaments.
The problem is instead to maintain the position reached, if not even to improve what has been achieved.
Here are some key points that we have personally experienced:

Keep control and do not get carried away
Once you have reached a good position, we advise you to slow down and analyse what others are doing. Exxagerating is never the solution: too many investments can lower your position in the rankings.

Manage fear and stress
Do not risk panicking when you see your investment in difficulty. Not knowing how to handle losses is a very serious factor, as they will certainly occur sometimes! Losing is part of the game and it is not (necessarily) a bad signal.

The wise man knows nothing, the intelligent knows little, the fool knows everything
Do not trust those who claim to have predicted the market trend. Do not copy other people’s strategies if you do not understand them.

Strategy and money management. Discipline!

No emotions : a must in iq option trading tournament !

Plan a precise strategy and method. The winning methods are those based on a limited number of simple but strict rules to follow. Discipline and routine allow you to gain, disorder and improvisation bring disasters.

Know how to wait, hurry is a mistake
Can’t see any results? Be patient. Someone said that the trader must have the patience of the wolf who, hidden among the vegetation on the hill, remains motionless for days to observe the flock.
Jimping into the middle of the games is a beginner’s mistake.

Good luck for your tournament!

My opinion about trading tournaments

I had so many occasions to take part in trading competitions and betting tournaments, but I have been thinking just lately about the real value of this opportunities. The first one was an online trading tournaments, held on a famous platform with tons and tons of expert traders. If I was intimidated by them? Of course, I felt useless for being too young and ignorant, for not having enough knowledge about trading world and its mechanisms. But the thing I have to be grateful to is the advice of a very close friend of mine, who was inexperienced just like me at that time but he pushed me to try. <<what do you have to lose? >> so much money, but thanks. <<you will never know if you don’t try it out, you may actually win this, everyone is at the same level>>. This were the words that resonated in me and gradually convinced me. 

Even if it’s everything just a joke to you, do it

So, thanks to my friend’s inspiring words, I decided to take part and to risk quite some money, praying the blind goddess to support me and being on my side. I think it was that first time, when I felt so insecure standing on the chart with other experienced traders I admired so much, that I understood the real value of trading tournaments. 

Their equality, the sense that everyone, from the senior trader to the beginner that doesn’t understand even the tournament regulament, can be so lucky to win first price. The sense of joy you may feel when seeing your name on the top of the list of participants, the tension when you have to make the trading choices that, you know, will determine everything you will win or lose.


I find it so exciting, and so educative. Where you can learn the way of the trading world best than in tournaments? You will understand at a first glance that is a cruel world the one you’re about to enter, and looking back you’ll have even a chance to change idea and it will be over. You have total freedom, everything that you decide determines what will you be in the future, and even in about an hour. 

And the most surprising point is that, from that first shy tournament, I learnt so much just by going on with more and more competitions. So to make it simple here is a list of the reasons why I would totally recommend trading tournaments even to beginners:

• You can learn trading basis as you go on taking part in tournaments

• Total freedom in the money you decide to stand, the options you choose and so much more

• Excitement that helps you build control of your emotions

• Opportunity to make a living doing what you are passionate about